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Not much knitting happened over the weekend, but the little that did convinced me that I love this pattern.  Super easy, really plays up the silk yarn.  I was cleaning our one bookshelf the other day and found my copy of Le Divorce.  Oh, how I love this book!  Perfect light read to make it through to the end of August.  The movie is fantastique too!  Well, so long as you understand that it is about grown-up people doing grown-up things. 

French women are extraordinary. l’m thinking of writing a little book about them and their native habitat. All their customs and ceremonials. l mean, their scarves alone… an entire chapter. Knotted in front, one end down, other end thrown over the shoulder. Or looped around double and the ends tucked in. Or around the shoulder, over their coat like a shawl. Or tied in the back. l mean, châle, foulard, ècharpe. Just think of all the words they have for scarf.  And in a language which is very sparse in vocabulary.   ~Le Divorce

Well, speaking of French women and their scarves, how amazing is this Clapotis?  I guess it was all over the knitting world in ’05 but I wasn’t knitting a lot then.  What was I doing?  Dodging hurricanes, of course.

Good night, Irene and Bonjour, Katia! You would look trés jolie in a Clapotis! Please go away.  Je ne sais pas…