TRIKW, Thrifting and Orchids


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Prepping for my run. What do you think, TRIKW Sprint next year? The swim terrifies me to be honest.

Prepping for my run this morning, pondering the TRIKW Sprint next December. Oh! But that swim scares me! All those nutso people splashing nearby…

Three metal dollhouses in the thrift shop today exactly the style of the one Mom kept from her girlhood. I wanted them soooo badly!

Thrifting this afternoon, found three metal dollhouses just like my mother had in her girlhood. I wanted to bring them home with me sooo badly!

Third year it's bloomed for me.

The light this evening was spectacular, simply made my orchid blossoms glow!!!




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A very long time ago, my sister sent the loudest, scariest chicken toy to Mia along in a box full of wonderful stuff for us. After at least a year of terrified attacks, Mia suddenly bonded with the chicken. Now, anytime of the day you will spot them hanging out together. But never at night. The chicken goes in its own cage at night. When shaken it crows like the sun is heaving over the horizon right then & there. Not a problem after dawn, but a huge problem at, say 3am! Does your pet have a preferred toy?



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Ginger may well become the obsession of March. Last night I sprinkled this over a bowl of dark chocolate ice cream and thought I’d died and gone to heaven! Best thing I’d eaten in ages!!! I know there is a foodie term for a perfectly balanced food that hits everything equally; spiced and sweet, crunchy and smooth. Now it’s going to bother me till I recall what it is. Help a girl out? Do you know that term?

Welcome March!


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Well hello there!  Wherever did February go off to?  That had to be the fastest busiest month on record!  In a stunning move of foreshadowing, I chose February to focus on speed intervals in my running. I now am completely addicted. Running for distance was getting kinda boring. In one week I set three PRs in three days, I suppose you could say. I ran 4 miles, I ran 5 miles, I ran 6 miles. At that point it dawned on me that distance running is truly about embracing the suck and continuing to put one foot in front of the other. The very next article I read on running was about stashing food and drink for longer distances, as in what mile is appropriate for hydration vs fueling dependant on the distance anticipated. Now while my favorite drive as a child thru the Rocky Mountains followed the Cache de la Poudre, I think setting up my own Cache de la Gel Shots is pushing it. So, intervals it has been! I can definitely feel that I am getting faster all the time and oh wow! Going faster hits completely different muscles than coasting along for mile after mile, doesn’t it? I’ve still pulled a couple of long distance runs but those were days I truly needed to think and I tend to do great thinking pounding down the pavement.

That pretty photo above that I played around with in Pixlr? Taken one fine evening from the deck at my new job. Yep, back to bartending on base! Or was that working as a
March is here though and I just love March.  It’s always been one of my favorite months. Spring and my birthday, daffodils and wild weather, Easter sometimes and Saint Patrick’s Day always.

Flights of Fancy


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A little needed humor in the New Year!

Wingspan and Calvin & Hobbes, making the New Year bright and cheerful! I picked up this yarn while away for the holidays. I’d had my eye on the pattern for nearly a year now and it is a delight to knit! Intuitive & easy once it’s set up which made it perfect airplane fodder.

One of my Resolutions just might be to read more books. I feel like I am not as much of a reader as I once was. I used to be surrounded by stacks & stacks of books. But I don’t really know what I want to read anymore! Something enthralling, of course. 🙂 So perhaps I should branch out beyond comics & cookbooks? Any recommendations?