These are always the hardest pages to write without sounding too cheesy or like it should be on some diplomat’s resume, aren’t they? So, what I’d really like to say with the hope that it doesn’t verge into either realm is that I am thrilled that you are here reading my blog!  I love it when you comment.


Your Beloved Blogger

In fact, I love comments so much I just moved over here to WordPress just so it will be easier for you, my loyal readers to join in and chat!  I used to blog at http://www.sailblogs.com/member/marihalojen/ but that host is going downhill fast and I have a new phone with a new App for WordPress so here I am!

Oh dear, was it too cheesy???  Would you like red or white wine with that Camembert?

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. hi jen! i like the new blog… hope you get some beach time in soon. why not sail over to st. maarten! : )

  2. Thought I’d head on over to se the lady who draws by watching her hand in a mirror (sounds complicated…but you can be sure I wil give it a try).
    hah, love cheese, actually, but no this wasn’t too cheesy at all. Enjoying your posts and pics, and your decidedly maritime blog theme!

  3. I want to switch to wordpress from blogger, but I don’t want to lose all my old posts. What does the “S/V” stand for? I’ve been wondering that for a while now. =)

    • WordPress is a simple transfer from Blogger, I hear. Since I was coming from SailBlogs it wasn’t compatible apparently, so sad! But I love WP compared to Blogger and the fact that the App works terrifically on my phone is a huge plus!

  4. S/V stands for Sailing Vessel, Elisa. M/V is Motor Vessel, R/V is Research Vessel, etc…
    I lived aboard our Sailing Vessel The Mari Hal-O-Jen for years and years, we still have the boat just aren’t living full time aboard her now. So it is quite tempting to sail on down to St. Maarten, Anushka!
    Thanks for the kind words, SF!

  5. You are too cute!! so not cheesy :). BTW, thanks for the tip about converting to wordpress! I may have to think about that :).

  6. Not at all cheesy, but I’ll take the wine anyway. Red, please. 🙂

    Love this new blog!

  7. Well Hello Jen!!! It’s been a VERY long time!! I have no idea of where or how to start but I am still living in Key Largo and engaged to my wonderful bestfriend Sid. We just had a precious baby girl in August 13,2011 named Kaiya Sailer Grace. She is amazing! After Eddie and I parted ways and my sailboat s/vmiss emily mysteriously departed in the middle on the night without me, (hmm) I stayed in KL and met my wonderful man. We have been together for 4 1/2 years and he too is a sailor. We actually really want to live aboard again and looking out daily for that dream boat. 🙂 I’m still a dive instructor but I have my own photography biz. You can check out my website at http://www.michaelens.com. Its 90% weddings but trying to get more involved with family as well. I’ve been thinking of you and how you raised your lil one (Can’t believe she is 17 now!!) on board and wanted to catch up with you as well as ask you if you had any advice on homeschooling aboard. Anyway… lots to catch up with you about! I see that you are landlubbers now. When did that happen? How is Marianna and Hal? How are you? I have a few wedding shoots booked for KW this summer and maybe we could meet up again! Are you all still there? Can’t wait to hear back from you! LOVE the new blog! I’ve saved in my in favorites and I’m following you on twitter. Michaelensphoto is mine on twitter. Take care and hope you are all doing well!! Please send my regards to your family!

    Michaelynn (Micha) Dreiling former S/V owner of Miss Emily Key Largo

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