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This weekend started off with drinks with friends at a dark and cozy scotch bar, walls covered with aerospace paraphernalia and the tails of 2 Cuban planes flown here dry-foot style. A Flag Retirement Ceremony in a tiny graveyard right on the bay with my Cadets, the American Legion, the VFW and a few Boy Scouts on a misty, rainy morning was followed by the Army-Navy Game. I decided to watch it at a new sports bar because they participated with the Wounded Warrior Golf Tournament. Excellent choice with loads of big TVs and no music. Hate trying to watch a game while the tunes are blasting too. The Holiday Parade was up next, watching my favorite cadet of all march as the only female NJROTC Officer of this year. This morning was a little knitting (3 hexipuffs finished!) during a team building exercise with the rest of the S.F. Army & spouses. Did I mention the Army put us all up at the Casa Marina Fri-Sat-Sun, fabulous breakfast buffets, multi-course lunches, and child care provided?

Go Army!

P.S. The Casa’s mojitos are still the best on the island.

P.P.S. It was foggy this morning! Fog this dense is rare as hens teeth.