Oh so serious!

Civil Air Patrol - the United States Air Force Auxiliary

Weekends are full. This past weekend was even fuller than usual.

I took a dozen of my cadets up to Marathon (60miles up the island chain) to work an EAA Young Eagles event.  They did  flight line marshaling, I coordinated their free flights in either a sharp blue helicopter or some amazing planes that were available.

Fed Ex sent a plane.

Fed Ex sent a plane.

Two pilots each carried 3 cadets from Key West to Marathon bright and early in the morning and then 6 different cadets home that afternoon.

Always Prepared

Semper Paratus - Always Prepared

The Coast Guard sent a baby C-130.  I cannot for the life of me remember what it’s called but I arranged for the cadets to get a personalized tour of it.  The most impressive feature according to one?  They have a coffee maker on the plane!

Bust a Move

Bust a Move

So yes, the cadets had fun I would say!  Free hot dogs and hamburgers, loads of liquids and it being the hottest day of the year – sunscreen by the gallon.  We had to shed the blouses by 10am when it climbed over 85 degrees on the tarmac.



I proudly wear my tee sent to me from the soldier I supported in Afghanistan and I had cash offers to buy it right off my back.  So sorry!  It is NOT for sale!

No soccer balls allowed - only drill rifles!

Can you see me driving this?

And something I haven’t mentioned on the blog; I was awarded Member of the Year for the southern portion of Florida!  I don’t even have my plaque yet but they sent a van down to us for our use.   🙂

So yes, a busy weekend.