Sunset Silhouette

Sunset Silhouette

I’m done.

Can we start this year over?

If this first week is setting the mode for the remainder of the year I really, really want to know if we get a do-over.  Please?

So far this year I have:

Had my first cold in decades.

Blown 3 bulbs: 1 closet, 1 over the stove, 1 oven light (expensive! ouch!)

My car refuses to acknowledge that I am sitting in it. No airbags, warning light flashing, as we cruise down the isthmus at 35mph waving at the SPs.

I decided to fuel the old car up since she was hating at me. Sweeten her up a bit, you know? $5.06 later I blew power to Key West. Yes people, it was me this afternoon.  I am the one who took care of your peaceful existence.  You can buy me a drink the next time you see me.  I’ll accept.  Seasonal brews are a preference at this time…

Oh… I forgot to mention the fire I started on the electric stove.  I’ve always said I cook better on fire, but really!!!