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Traveling Sweater

Traveling Sweater

I cast on for this sweater last night.  I decided I wanted a hand knit for our future frigid airline travels.  The yarn was gifted to me and I’ve been wanting to use it in a super nice project because it is a super nice yarn.  Choosing the pattern was agonizing!  I really debated over this pattern which I still think is the cutest thing in the entire world.  But…I hate pullovers and hoods so I ditched it and went with Vintage Mood (Ravelry link) instead.  Isn’t it darling?  I hope the greens work well with the pattern.  Right now it is feeling kinda thick to me but the yarn is a bulky yarn so I guess that makes sense, right?

On the reading front we got several of our AvSci mags in so I’ve been perusing them, in particular the Rocket Science as I’ve been tasking certain teens with building a couple Stomp Rocket Launchers.  Up next?  Stomp Jet Planes, of course!

Oh!  And I learned how to Provisionally Cast-On for this sweater and I even knit Gauge Swatches  for this project for the first time ever. So yes, I’m pretty proud of myself!