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So it finally happened.  My invite to Pinterest was approved!  I’ve debated long and hard, well, long anyway as the wait to join was almost 2 weeks long, and thought I’d share some of my thoughts as a brand new, one day old Pinterest user.

First, I love Pinterest so much.  It is a perfect visual organization tool for visual orientated people. Pin my recipes so I can find them by photo?  Yes, please!  So much better than binders filled with scraps of paper.  I use to think, oh how sweet, I’m creating a book of foodie memories for my daughter, but in truth if I were to kick the bucket tomorrow that would just get pitched out the door.  She is the least likely person in the world to cling to sentiment so why should I?

Second, I can totally see how addicted people are.  The weddings and babies were driving me insane until I figured out how to ditch the angelic cherubs and their crib palaces and the wedding colors/flowers/food/thedress/thedress/thedress/flowergirl!  Those girls need a boyfriend and a life in the worst way.

So, I’ve decided that I need to do as well as pin.


All the ingredients for a cocktail found under some Thanksgiving tag, it looked delish but if it isn’t, off the board it goes!  Besides, I’m dying for a good Autumny drink right now.  I need to find it or I’m going to jump straight to eggnog and I’m not exercising nearly hard enough lately for that move!

Finally, the best advice on How To Live a Beautiful Life.  Go. Read it now.