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The ingredients to Autumn.  Simple, yes.  But combined with a recent cold front and a corresponding renewed interest in my oven, these simple ingredients combined to briefly bring the smell and the taste of Fall into this house.


A cookie recipe based off of my mother’s classic cake mix cookie recipe though I never, ever remember her putting fresh cranberries into cookies.  I discovered that trick when I took off for college and it is sooo good!  I would have slipped some nuts of some sort into this batch of cookies but there were none to be found in the pantry.  That will be rectified long before Thanksgiving arrives!


Quite a simple recipe, as are all the best.  Easy to make, easy to send to school for lunch dates in favorite teacher’s rooms (nobody would be so uncool as to eat in the cafeteria down here, heaven forbid!). A recipe to make again and again this year – the taste of Autumn 2011.

Spiced Cranberry Cookies

1 pkg Spice Cake Mix               2 eggs

1 cup oats                                       1/2 cup oil

1/2 cup fresh cranberries, roughly chopped

Preheat oven to 350ºF and grease cookie sheets.  Combine cake mix, eggs and oil.  Stir in oats, then cranberries.  Drop by spoonfuls onto cookie sheets.  Teaspoon-sized spoonfuls will cook in about 7-8 minutes here at sea level. Tablespoon-sized spoonfuls will take closer to 10-12 minutes in my oven, at least!