My American Flag from Afghanistan

My American Flag from Afghanistan

Something unexpected and marvelous happened to me over the weekend. I was presented an American flag that had been flown on an American C-17 over the skies of Afghanistan.  This flag was given to me for my support of a deployed serviceman while he was serving in Afghanistan.

One of the Most Amazing Challenge Coins I've Seen

One of the Most Amazing Challenge Coins I've Seen

What sort of support?  Home baked cookies, letters, lots of jerky, cards, a couple of magazines and more letters.  And color.  I try to find the most colorful cards and stationary I possibly can.  Nothing sand colored, I figure they all see enough of that shade over there!

Brings Tears to my Eyes

The Back of the Challenge Coin

They’re simple things; a quick note of encouragement or having a cookie baking party over the weekend with Marianna, picking up a guy magazine rather than my knitting one.   All they take is a bit of time, a stamp, a thought.

The Back of my New Tee

Strangers in a Strange Land T-Shirt

The result?  One serviceman who knows that he and his service are appreciated and definitely not forgotten.  Those can be trite words, easily thrown around on patriotic holidays or dashed off in an email to an elected official but how many times do the people whom we are talking about actually get to hear those words?  After a parade while milling about in their spotless dress uniforms?  While rushing through Atlanta’s terminals to catch a plane? I do not take my freedom for granted and this is one small way I have found to take action.

And the serviceman?  He’s home safe now enjoying the cool Autumn weather with his family.

If you’d like to know more about volunteering yourself, just drop me an email at jenletts_at_gmail_dot_com or leave a comment requesting more info!