Hello there!  I wanted to say good morning but the morning has fled, hasn’t it?  Busy times.  I just had the best brunch and I’m sure that the fasting before blood work had nothing to do with it, right? New doctor and I am so, so happy about that!  You see, Key West only has one single doctor – one! – that would accept a female patient between the ages of 13-18yrs.  Finally TriCare convinced another doctor to lower their policy to 16yrs.  We jumped as soon as we heard.

I’ve been writing a ton lately, just not blog-styled writings, you know?  Isn’t it funny how things go in spurts?  It may be knitting for some people, or photography or putting paint to canvas.  Each of those things have held my interest at one time or another but always the act of stringing words together returns the strongest.

The truly enjoyable part of the morning out was not the blood draw – ha! – but the sitting and savoring and people watching that came after.  I returned home, renewed, revitalized, filled to the brim with ideas that just sparked off the fingertips.

It was a joy.

I would recreate it in an instant if I could.  No wonder writers have their haunts they return to over and over again, searching for that one perfect moment in their past.  Can you really find it by ordering the same cup of coffee?  I’m reminded of the old saying about the impossibility of stepping in the same river twice.  Will that stop me from returning to this place? Ordering the same organic, fair trade brew?  Hoping against hope?  Of course not!

And maybe it’s just caffeine plus sugar flowing through the veins like quicksilver, who am I to say?  The results left me elated!  Care to share something that has lifted you above the daily drudge lately?  I would love to hear…