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Do you remember my Question yesterday?  Here’s the answer!
triangular hol, round peg

triangular hole, round peg

It was agonizing, mostly because of my concern over this fragile yarn.  I was so afraid it was going to snap!  But this skein is apparently strong as nails.  Do you see how it is stre-e-e-tching  at the corners of the triangle?

9 stitches each needle

9 stitches each needle

The task then became knitting around the tennis ball while decreasing.  It isn’t really that hard, it is just very much a pay attention type of knitting, not a watch a movie style of knitting.



The result!  One fabulous green knit covered tennis ball!

When I was trying to come up with a title to differentiate this Yarn Along from every other Wednesdays’ Yarn Alongs in my archives I, of course, landed on Space (the fun, easy read we’re all three browsing through this week) and Ball (for the previously illustrated reasons) which when combined brought me to one of my husband’s favorite spoofs of all time.  Anybody else immediately think of that movie?