Gosh! What a fabulous weekend!  Of course, it all started mid-week with the Holy Thursday service and continued through Good Friday, both services were presided over by 1 Deacon, 1 Seminarian, 4 Priests and a Bishop.  What a blessing for this little island!

Happiest of Easter Blessings to you!

I wish I had more photos for you, Marianna has them all on her phone and she's back in school!

Saturday morning we attended the traditional Polish Easter Basket Blessing.  I snapped this photo when we arrived, there ended up being twice as many baskets at the final count.  Some of them were so amazing, filled with little pots of grated beets and horseradish, artisan sausages and butter lambs, while others were super simple and filled with jellybeans!  Greenery and flowers (mostly asparagus fern and hibiscus down here!) were twined around the handles and crisp white linens lined many of the baskets.

Later that  evening we attended the Easter Vigil, my favorite Mass of the year.  Marianna always sings in the choir and her two best friends have taken over the Litany of the Saints from their brother now that he is at Saint Thomas Aquinas in California.  Those two have the most angelic voices!

After the Vigil we came home and broke into out Blessed Basket for the first food of Easter; we shared two tiny loaves of salted pretzel bread, honey sticks, the prettiest of our dyed eggs and little rounds of cheese.

And the next morning, we feasted!