Orchids and Knitting

Orchids, knitting and our Garden Madonna

I mentioned a new project earlier, I ended up setting it aside because I couldn’t find any of our tennis balls.  At last I caved and stopped in at the store.  Now I can continue with the scary part – I get to shove the tennis ball inside the bit I have knitted and then finish knitting over the ball.  Oooh… I wonder how smoothly that is going to go?

The other half of yarnin’ along with Ginny would be the reading and this week along with my Lenten reads and my fiction book for bedtime, I’ve been perusing my collection of spring magazines, formulating our menu for the Easter Triduum.  Maybe I’ll share the plan tomorrow, it’s still in rough form on what feels like a dozen different sheets of paper right now!

Finally, does anyone want to explain Pinterest to me?  I’ve seen it on the sidebars of a few of your beautiful blogs but… what is it???