The French Club’s main fundraiser is A Night In Paris. This year rather than have the raised cash money to go toward the annual trip to France, the decision was made to fund several scholarships instead and forgo the trip.
On offer was fabulous French food made by the students and then a French film chosen by the teacher. And here, my dear friends, if where the evening could have been improved. The students had chosen the movie Ratatouille in French,but we were subjected to The Class instead.

Uggh. I had such flashbacks of horror from my time spent in various *adorable* schools that I spent the majority of the time outside talking incessantly to my sister and watching bats fly from the school. (Not joking!)

My synopsis of the movie, based on watching the first half hour on a hard wooden stool and the ending hour on the same hard wooden stool, is that it is Stand and Deliver for France without the success.  Totally inconclusive ending…

Incidentally, anybody else have to watch this movie every other day in school? Was it just because I was in California schools and then Education courses in college?  I swear, I can nearly recite that *lovely* film verbatim and it is freakin’ amazing I ever signed up for Ed classes after that.  Which, I must say, the French teacher was mobbed by all three of the other parents with questions regarding if that is how a High School class is really?  Really truly???  Really?

And they’re asking the teacher who was nearly expelled herself last year for pitching into a student and him landing on his backside in the hallway or some such story. Whatever, she knows French, demands respect in her classroom and hasn’t been hung out the window by her ankles yet (which some teachers cannot claim here) so more power to her!

Uggh.  I’m off for a glass of fine French wine and the sunset tonight.  Hoping for some petrels, we saw some recently.  So cool…