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Yay!  My orchids are in full on bloom-bloom-bloom-ville!  Just look at the utter gorgeousness.  And, for you photo freaks, (you know who you are… Hal.  and Sarge. and probably Dad!) these are all SOOC too.  No cropping or playing with highlights, shadows, etc… etc…
Yellow Shadows

1. Yellow Shadows

So I was trying to take a shower today, trying, because our shower apparently has no connection at all between the water that pours out of the bath faucet and the water that pours out of the shower head and so you have two easy options and one hard for shower time.  All hot, all cold or stand there at the back of the tub alternately searing your feet and soothing them with ice water.  This only happens in Spring (3 weeks long) and Fall (4 weeks long).  The rest of the time it is either Winter (5 weeks long) and the shower is set to full on HOT or Summer (nearly neverending) and COLD is the only option.

Picot Purple

2. Picot Purple

At last I had it adjusted so I could get more than my ankles and kneecaps wet and started to wash my hair la-la-la… but the shampoo wouldn’t suds.  Now before you think this is some joke about lack of coffee resulting in me grabbing the conditioner joke, no, this has been going on for quite some time and this bottle is the 3rd style of shampoo I’ve tried. No suds again!  So I washed my hair twice, thinking, well, it must’ve been really dirty and still no suds!

Pale Yellow

3. Pale Yellow

Later that day I was driving off post and saw on the marquee that we are under water restrictions again and at last, at last! the mystery was solved.

Pale Pink

4. Pale Pink

Whenever the Florida Keys go onto water restrictions the water district starts cutting our fresh water with salt.  They can add up to 10% without telling anybody that they’re drinking diluted seawater.  Every single time this has happened it screws my soaps up and actually, it just occurred to me as I was typing this that even my current body soap hasn’t been as bubbly as normal too!

Passionate Purple

5. Passionate Purple

Arrgh!  Island living has some draw backs occasionally!  So to console me and take my mind off this tiny little rock (2×4 mi, baby!) shall we try a poll?  I’ve never run a poll before!  Oooh, learning something new on a Tuesday!

Bodacious Buds

6. Bodacious Buds

Which photograph do you personally think is the best? And I’d love it if you’d tell me why in the comments, if you have a moment, too!

Thanks for voting!  You’re the best!