I began this post as a starred *eta: at the end of my last post.  However, I moved it all here.  Maybe this will explain that sour taste in the mouth when speaking of the Monroe County School District.

Monique Acevedo with VISA

Monique Acevedo with the School District's Credit Card

The former superintendent and his wife are currently residing in separate cells in prison for embezzling an unknown amount of money, so much no one can even place an accurate figure on it.  Last count it was over $400,000, I’ve read.  The school board may or may not have been in the know, some think Monique ought to be allowed to come home and run a home based business to try and repay the debt.  The Acevedo’s got to keep all the goods purchased with the school’s credit card.

Additional people are now being found to have been in the know and are slowly being cleared out (Mark Hooper – unqualified for the position held, purchased thousands of dollars worth of tools to build a Habitat for Humanity House), other teachers are being let go for using Cocaine (Robert Lalena), or for teaching concepts through discussions of perverse sexual practices (Nick Wright, a parade was held in his honor when he was fired).

The scandals just keep rolling in.  The Citizen has a special page set up just to keep up with the investigations into the school district.

In view of all this, the school motto – “Student Success: Whatever it Takes” will be changed this spring and suggestions for a new motto are being solicited.

I really don’t have anything else to add.  I’m just about outta words on this topic!