The litte slug thing is awesome to watch swim!

Marianna and a Poly-something-or-other Slug Thing

We’re old home schoolers at heart, we’ve just farmed some of the classes out.  Some, however, we expand upon at home, you could say, especially if you are trying to be nice and not say anything about tennis/wrestling coaches masquerading as science teachers when they’re not driving buses.

Storm wrack sponge is all you can really see in her collection jar

I remembered the slug thing's name! Nudibranch, I think!

One experiment a month, movies such as March of the Penguins and fabulous in class assignments such as take a long science word unrelated to the topic at hand and find as many words as possible using the letters in that word.

With sea grass

The collection bottle is a tennis ball container

That last assignment prompted Marianna to write a letter to her teacher expressing her dissatisfaction with his class and such busy work assignments.  Had I known she was writing the letter before she submitted it, I would have had her CC it to the principal (useless lady) and the school board (useless members).  However, as the science teacher is a 30 year in the Keys teacher all that would have been as useless as tits on a boar.

Marianna chose sea grass, algae thing, sponge, hermit crabs, and slug thing

The teacher sealed the collection bottles with caulk. Now we watch for 1 week.

Marianna was asked to come forward in class and discuss her letter with the teacher.  She asked him what the point of finding words in an off-topic science word was ’cause she sure couldn’t see it.

He told her he wanted to see the students’ creativity.

She told him that as there was a predetermined amount of words possible to be found, it was not a creative activity.

He told her she was a “Strange Bird.”

We tell her not every class is perfect and she will always have a few such wonderful fabulous classes from now all through post-secondary and some things must simply be endured.

Just because I like the shot.

And I just want to say 2 things.

1.  It is really hard to not homeschool after so long.  (But we love the majority of her classes – really!)

2.  Thanks for listening to me mouth off.

Okay, one more thing

3.  She thought a fun Friday night was going to an old homeschooling friend’s house and dissecting earthworms tonight.  I love her so much!!!