Green Drinks

Green Drinks

Two green stick drinks for ya this fine Saint Patrick’s Day!

Minted Citrus Stick Drink

Place 12 or so mint leaves in a sturdy glass with a sprinklage of sugar in the raw and one key lime, chopped fine.  Muddle around with a spoon (or stick! Hence the name.) till pulpy and the sugar is incorporated.  Add ice and a shot of rum.  Top with lemonade and water (sparkling if you so desire) in equal parts. Garnish with a lime wedge and a mint sprig.

Kiwi Stick Drink

Chop one kiwi fine (reserve a slice for garnish, if desired) place in a sturdy glass and crush with a sprinklage of sugar in the raw till mashed a juicy.  Top up with equal parts lemonade and watermelon juice.  (Add other alcoholic additives if desired, this is a yummy, dangerously yummy drink!). Garnish with the slice of kiwi.