Ginny at Small Things is hosting a Yarn Along each week.  Since I’m in one of my knitting phases right now, I thought I’d join in the fun.

Green Triumph

Green Triumph

This is a triumph, not because it is complete, but rather because when I am done posting this I shall cast off and be done with the sleeves. Thank you, thank you, heavens above!  200 or so stitches back and forth, back and forth got boring after a bit.  But I persevered and now, tonight, I shall be rid of two whole sleeves worth of stitches!  Yay!

The second triumph comes from this most amazing and informative article stolen from the head out at SFUWO. (Sorry, boys.)  Have you noticed how crappy your dishwasher is working lately?  I have tried everything, running hot water before starting, different soaps, rearranging the dishes, basically washing them before inserting into the dishwasher, etc… etc…

All of which royally ticked me off since I have never in my life had a dishwasher and so have idolized them for 30 years.  I finally get one and it STINKS!

But, I found out why.

Phosphorus has been removed from all dishwashing soaps due to the contamination of the waterways.  This reduces the cleansing ability of the soaps and leads to the white scum and generally filthiness that I have moaned about since moving into a house.


Blackmarket, old style dishwashing soaps have all been bought out unfortunately so it all becomes a fab chemistry experiment of sprinkling in special compounds to try and come up with one perfect wash cycle.

Or you can wash by hand.