Busy, wonderful day.

A noon wedding on the beach, the wind was high so the water was the most amazing color.

Watched a sailboat depart the marina, wondered why???  Seas were 3-4′ inside the reef. (That is appalling for here.)

Watched the sailboat return 10 minutes later under sail, they’d gotten out of the channel and lost their engine.

Docked back in their slip under sail, first try.  With no engine, there is no reverse so they sailed right up onto the dock and then splashed back into the water.

They had a forestay thing that runs from the bow to the waterline (we have one too) that totally protected their bow from most of the damage possible.  I checked it out later and over 3 foot of the stay was coated in cement dust and there was a nice groove cut into the dock well over an inch deep.

Attended a Bon Voyage Party for Andy and Dick the Dog.  They’ll depart when the winds die down a tad!

Dick the Dog

Dick the Dog at our Land Ho! Party