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Or “It’s Not Easy Being Green.”

Kermit the Itty Bitty Sweater

Kermit the Itty Bitty Sweater

Look!  It’s the Itty Bitty Sweater! I really was moving and grooving on this sweater over the weekend.  We had some terrific knitting movies in the lineup (i.e. I can’t recall what they were so I must’ve been doing more knitting than watching) when as I was speeding along – Moss stitching the placket, knit, knit, knit to the wrist of the sleeve, Moss stitch again, purl, purl, purl back to the placket, Moss stitch, repeat – something untoward and alarming began to happen.

The yarn would snap.

Man!  That has never happened before.  I thought I was getting too involved in a movie I can’t even remember and maybe it was exciting and I was tense therefore knitting tighter???

So I set it aside till the morning.

After the sun came up and the coffee was consumed, I sat down outside and really, really concentrated on the sweater.  No distractions.  And still?


So as I reached into my knitting bag to pull out the yarn, I noticed I was getting low and that there was a cardboard tube in the middle of the yarn.

Corn Yarn

Corn Yarn

Every time I knit a section of yarn that rested on the edge of the tube it was frayed and would snap.

My husband could hardly believe it when I started blabbing incoherently about this so he took the yarn and with the lightest touch pulled it through his fingers and every single time he came to the edge section it would snap.  Amaizing.

Green Circles

Green Circles

So this week I will be ripping out this panel of the sweater and reworking it with a new ball of yarn from my stash (I have a ton of this yarn that was given to me).

On the book front I’m a few chapters into Waiting for Snow in Havana which I would highly, highly recommend reading with a cafe con leche in hand.  Tostada is optional in my mind but the cafe con leche is non-negotiable!  Make it with espresso, boiling milk, six truckloads of sugar and a pinch of salt.

And then you’ll understand how I came to think that my tension was slightly off in my knitting.  😉