I have a bit of a problem with lunches.  It is only me at home now and leftovers are so very appetizing – NOT!  Generally I end up eating an apple with a slice of cheese, with maybe a few carrot sticks rather than looking at slicing that leftover meat hunk into slices and sticking it on bread.  Uggh.  I keep looking longingly at Heather‘s 30 Day Vegan Workshop at Beauty That Moves.  I could so easily step into that.  My family?  Not so much.

However, I can be inspired, can’t I?

Oh yum!

Utterly Delicious

I cooked lunch today.

Tossed some precut onions into a pan with a whirl of olive oil, added sliced mushrooms after a while.  Toasted the best bread in the world (roasted red pepper and fennel) in the oven.  Pulled it out to pour the mushroom-onion saute over the sliced bread, topped with bleu cheese (You could use something else, but I adore bleu cheese!) reinserted into oven to melt the cheese.  Slice tomatoes and spinach to place over the top when the sandwich comes out of the oven, salt and pepper.

To die for, I’m telling ya!


Dinner tonight?

Yogurt and red curry rubbed chicken with onions and carrots.  It smells FABULOUS!

What are you having?