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First up, the wrap came off the knitting needles today!  Now it’s ready to go on to the crochet hook.  If the pattern originally called for size US 9 knitting needles and I chose US 11 cause my yarn that Mom sent is bulkier and now it looks lacey and not felted, and the pattern calls for US 9 crochet hook for the scallopy edging should I go up to an US11?  That’d be an L, right?  I have a K hook upstairs.  Should I just try that?


Secondly, do you recall on Monday when I said I Just Need Flowers Today?  Would you like to hear the back story on that now?  Good, cause I need to get it off my chest!  As you may recall if you happened to read my old blog, we homeschooled for a jillion years.  Then Marianna hit high school and off she went to Key West High where she has been ever since.  End of story, happily ever after, etc…

Until last Friday when the school went into Lock Down after an entire magazine clip of hollow point bullets was found along with graffiti saying the usual I Will Shoot Up This School And You Will All Die.  The case was not solved over the weekend so by Monday when I dropped her off I was as near a basket case as you’ve seen in a good long while and the school was still in Lock Down with cops patrolling on foot and motorcycle.

Pretty flowers were just what I needed.

By Tuesday it all had been solved.  Are you ready for this? 

A police officer had dropped the clip Thursday and it took him 5 days to notice it missing.


Third,  Marianna promoted!


Ask the Chief

Chief Petty Officer Letts

Congratulations!!!!  We are so very proud of you!