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Seven Quick Takes

7 Quick Takes

– 1 –  I have a bowl of artisan bread dough – olive oil style – rising on the stove top.  Pizza for dinner, anyone?

– 2 –  After perusing the knitting books at the library, I came home with Mason-Dixon Knitting but not Debbie Bliss Babies.  The latter was simply loaded with too much adorableness.  I can’t torture myself that way.

– 3 –  My orchids are sprouting blossom stalks!  Super exciting!

– 4 –  I brought lunch to Marianna at the high school and we sat in the car while she ate her soup, sandwich, orange and cherries.  It was fun!

– 5 –  I really am feeling the need to knit a washcloth after reading a bit of the Mason-Dixon book.  There must be a washcloth every 7 pages in that book!  It would need to be red

– 6 –  Did you see that Jenn is giving away a very important book? Go leave a comment and prepare to have your brain stretched.

– 7 –  My husband has put in 73 hours this week.  He tried to leave an hour early today and as he was driving off the compound the XO called. Yep. Another emergency.   I’m going to go make sure that pizza is ready to slide in the oven when he steps in the door tonight.