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Ginny at Small Things is hosting a Yarn Along each week.  This week there is a fabulous giveaway from Sweet Basil Fibre Works as well!  Since I’m in one of my knitting phases right now, I thought I’d join in the fun.

Baby Yarn Along

Tiny sweater plus fascinating book

Still plugging away at the Epic Wrap and the books from last week on my Kindle App.  New this week is a fantabulous book my sister sent me, From A Victorian Garden featuring the Point Ellice House in Victoria, British Columbia.  The House and gardens contain one of the best collections of Victoriana preserved from a single family up to and including the original plantings in the gardens.  The book is a pleasure to read, it is filled with old and new photos contrasting the two time periods and is filled with advice on bringing that same atmosphere to your own garden.

On the knitting front, between my Marathon Knitting inspired by Cheryl, and Car Knitting inspired by sheer boredom, my little baby sweater is progressing.  This won’t be a rush project at all, the babe isn’t even due till April.  Knitting it is so neat!  It is definitely the most complex thing I’ve ever attempted yet and is so much fun!

One of the things I like best about these weekly Yarn Alongs is how it inspires me to continue knitting, to try new techniques, and the sense of community that is blossoming.  Speaking of that sense of community, I’m fairly new to Ravelry but last week I managed to find a few fellow Yarn Alongers there.

Are you a Raveler? I’m known as Marihalojen over there.

I put off joining it for ages, was absolutely certain I was NOT a good enough knitter to possibly consider checking it out.  When I finally did, I was stunned by the amazingness of it.  The pattern search alone is astounding and a must for new knitters especially.  I think it has saved me so many headaches just by helping guide me to an appropriate pattern for the yarn/needles I want to use.

What is your favorite part of Ravelry?