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Naval Junior Reserve Officier Training Corps

Marianna is carrying the rifle in the far center of the photo.

Marianna has asked, oh so nicely! to have this photo posted today.  Yesterday while I was knitting away in the car, she was marching in the longest parade of the year.  The Martin Luther King Jr. Parade had been canceled at the last minute on the appropriate day due to severe weather and rescheduled for Sunday evening during the Playoffs.  Needless to say, there was a minimum level of participation at that time.  The NJROTC had the largest contingent followed by half a dozen ladies from Bahama Village who grabbed a Conch Tour Train and gathered all the little black children up as they rolled down the street to give a free ride through Key West.  A policeman and a young girl (his daughter?) on horseback and a cop on a motorcycle to stop traffic at crossroads made up this parade.

Marianna was twice tickled.  Once by a Russian couple who stopped her at the end to ask what the parade was about. She told them it was a redo for MLK Jr. due to bad weather.  They didn’t know whom she was talking about and she spent some time trying to explain it and finally settled on “A dead guy who fought for equal rights.” to satisfied choruses of “Dah, Dah.”

And second by some elderly tourist that she could hear tell his wife “They’ll have a parade in Key West for anything – the Packers just scored!”