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Ginny at Small Things is hosting a Yarn Along each week.  Since I’m in one of my knitting phases right now, I thought I’d join in the fun.

epic yarn

My Wrap

Remember the pretty blue yarn from last week?  I’m still plugging away at it.  The yarn is so soft, it’s a delight to work with!

epic yarn 2

I don't care for metal needles, they're slippery.

Unfortunately, I frogged the first try.  The bamboo needles Mom sent along with the yarn and the pattern were too small – for me anyway!  I stepped up from a size 9 to a size 11 and now the wrap is looking lovely and lacy not felted and rug-like.

epic yarn 1

This book is HUGE (and heavy).

I’ve begun reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and it is excellent!  Utterly engaging thus far but I’m seriously thinking of trying out the Kindle feature on my new phone, this sucker is 800 pages long!  It is not one you prop up in bed and read yourself to sleep with.  If this thing fell on your head, you’d black an eye!
epic yarn 3

Mia, you're just being annoying now.

Every single photo I tried to take today I found Mia bouncing around in the background.  Crazy pooch!