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Dinner has just been slid into the oven, so I poured myself a hot cranberry cider and gave the dog a treat before I decided to sit down here for a bit of Sunday evening chat.

So, hello!  How are you tonight?

Already the house is filling with the most amazing scent from the oven, inside are Nigella’s Finger Licking Ribs from her fabulous book Feast.  Potatoes are sitting nearby, just waiting to be popped in to bake away, it has been forever and a day since we’ve had baked potatoes but I had 3 large ones in the last bag of potatoes that I picked up.  It is still odd to be buying groceries in any quantity, you’d think after a year and a half of living on land I’d be used to the fact that we have the storage for an entire bag of potatoes and one of onions too!  But old habits die hard.

For many, many years I inhabited my own little fantasy world where I was living abroad in the USA because I was  truly French and thus had to purchase all food as the French supposedly do, one meal at a time consisting mainly of bread, cheese and wine.  Not really!  But it sure did make the repetitive trips to the grocers’ a tad more bearable.

Marianna and Hal are off at the movie theater this afternoon, Tron finally came to the island!  They’re incredibly excited and have been prepping for this Daddy-Daughter Date by watching some old version of it, etc…

But in anticipation of their return home, I guess I’d better go slide those potatoes in the oven!  I’ll leave you with one last shot of Mia.  I completely stressed her out by giving her a treat before I sat down here.  She’ll spend upwards of several DAYS moving her treat from one location to another, burying it in my flower beds or under the couch before finally succumbing and scarfing it down.

Le Pooch

Mia - it's only a 'pup-peroni,' eat it!!!

I hope your weekend was warm and wonderful!