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Brick Arch

West Martello Tower

Today I attended my very first Key West Garden Club meeting (#12 in the sidebar!) at the West Martello Towers oceanside, just up from the Casa Marina.  The Gardens bloom in and around the old Civil War era towers and arches.



Today’s title actually comes from a local book, Key West Gardens and Their Stories, a wonderful book that offers a glimpse into the amazing gardens in Key West.  Each garden tour in the book starts off with a quote and “And new life blossoms in the ruins.” by Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller leads off the tour for the Garden Club.

Ocean View

Ocean View

This book was published in 2000.  In 2005 Hurricane Wilma rolled through Key West covering the Gardens in 6 foot of seawater.  The ruins were truly in ruin.  The majority of trees and plants were killed.  The dirt itself had to be washed and rewashed for 6 months before new plantings could be attempted.

Purple Beauty Berry

Beauty Berry

The all volunteer force has worked incredibly hard and the gardens are thriving now.  if you are ever in Key West, consider taking a tour.  It’s free!  These gardens are definitely one of the best kept secrets in Key West.

Flowing Art Installation

Art in the Garden

I am super excited to be a member this year and be able to work in this amazing garden!  The Daily Post today has asked about stress or the lack thereof.  Gardening has always been a major stress reliever for me. This is the second Garden Club I’ve been a member of and has to be one of the most amazing and unique Clubs in the USA.  Are you a member of a club or an organization that nurtures your spirit?