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The house is so quiet today. Hal has returned to work, it is Marianna’s first day back at school, this leaves only the dog and I and Mia isn’t the greatest conversationalist in the world. Therefore, there’s plenty of mental space for planning and list making and more planning and then thinking of lists I need to make to list all of my lists.

red hibiscus

Red Hibiscus

Whew! There is just so much that needs planning right now. It’s a new year, a new decade and boy, oh boy! now that the holidays are over I can think of ten thousand things that I need to do.  There is the basic menu planning, tweaking the house cleaning, paperwork that needs taken care of (uggh), awesome plans for the summer (yay)…

But, while some of us are busy scratching away with pen and paper, others are entertaining themselves chasing lizards through the hibiscus.

The lizard chaser

The Lizard Chaser

Don’t try to look so innocent, Mia.  The pollen totally gives you away!